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I am eighteen years of age or older

i have a job
I have more than one job
i am unemployed

how much money you make:
minimum wage
15-20 per hour
more than that

do you say any of these words?
pet peeve

imaginary   institution

imaginary institution is not affiliated with the common app as there are too many questions on it, nor the fafsa as we don't like the government. Please instead fill out these questions which i have constructed so nicely with html.


your financial aid package is determined based on our assessment of your financial need. In order to make that assessment we will need to evaluate you in a number of areas. Please answer the following questions 

Please check out these requirements and see if you need the extra convenience. Remember, we are committed to assisting you in whatever way that we can. 100 percent of financial aid applicants recieve a complete tution refund. Here at the imaginary institute, there is a sliding scale paying option which means that if you make past a certain point, you are required to pay more. It is not so much about how you make..with the aid of our work study program you can make back every cent of the money you spend on college. However, si

If you do not have time to participate in our work study program and still want to participate in our college 

we are still committed to making college affordable for each and every student that is interested, as we are committed to making everything affordable to everybody, so committed

was founded by sophie spincher during a diff