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faculty member Steve Ryza finds himself constantly engaged in imaginary scenarios - ones in which a person is confronted by their own truth. For example - a fifth grader with a penchant for tapping their classmates on the shoulder and yelling "go! go!" might find herself in the presence of a GoGo Dancer...

Brain Bent

Brain Bent refers to the particular aspects of your brain that make it unique and different from everybody else's. The term comes from the concept that you might find yourself leaning towards specific disciplines, stories etc.

Like Myers Briggs, brain bent is a way of analyzing your mind and siphoning it into categories to better understand yourself. However, Myers Briggs deals with the way that your mind processes information whereas Brain Bent deals with the type of information that your brain finds itself preferring to process.

Brain Bent in the classroom

Teachers often give us assignments based on their particular brain bent. One of the more over-the-top examples of this comes from Lindsay Stouffer's 3D design class which required all students to create animal masks involving a mechanical element. Lindsay was fascinated by the concept of mechanisms and all her students knew that upon finding a particularly delightful mechanism, Lindsay blessed it with a guffaw of laughter ensuring its recipient would also receive an A on the piece.

The product of her brain bent is this picture of all the students in her class with their mechanical animals - a symptom of what, in another context might qualify as a syndrome


Ask yourself the following questions and use your answers to decide the extent of your brain bent...

Consider the following questions when deciding on your brain bent

What Kind of Porn do you masturbate to? Most men have a fascination with certain body parts but consider what kinds of scenarios turn you on. What can you imagine that makes you hot and bothered

What do you get angry at that surprises people? What infuriates you that doesn't infuriate most people

Humor is a sure access point to the brain bent - catalog the kinds of jokes you find most funny and check out the folder of the memes you decided to download.

Personal Fetish & Pet Peeves

everyone has things they strongly like and dislike but Brain Bent is the idea that we can categorize people based on their likes and dislikes - that our favorite whatevers are not arbitrary expressions of our ego but rooted somewhere deeper in our mind and potentially soul. In the movie Amelie, the characters are introduced by the things they like and dislike 

implying that these particulars give an insight into their character.

headmistress Sage Ryza finds herself particularly drawn towards mass production: assembly lines and conveyor belts get her all hot and bothered. In terms of masturbation, accidental or unintentional sexual arousal ..."they used to call me Meta Girl" she recalls.

Christopher Shaffer sometimes can't fall asleep - cause he's thinking of puns! If it's lights out, don't mention memes cause he'll be up all night thinking of words that rhyme with orange: door hinge, syringe, food binge.