imaginary   institution

our committee for the advancement of scholarship has put forth the following principles towards a fulfilling academic life, and in respect to a careful and balanced overall life style. these are the commitments to each other:

our commitments to eachother, having agreed to exist in an academic 

we pride ourselves on our unselfishness and our ability to share, be it our physical resources or our mental ones. 

1. unconditional curiosity. what interests one must interest all, and this commitment we take seriously. any statement put forth that neglects to be met with eventual understanding might be considered the impetus for a constant source of worry and the potential for suffering. an impulse, however that is expounded upon and furthered to the nth extent is then to be considered a triumph of everyone.


our responsibilities to ourselves are our main learning focus and compliment our responsibilities to each other less so in a linear or hierarchical fashion and more so in an openly collaborative one. at the imaginary institution we pride ourselves on our ability to get students to challenge themselves. we do this mainly through 

these are the commitments to ourselves:

as much as any mental contract can be binding, we encourage this one, as long as it does not interfere with any spiritual involvement.

1. encouragement of focus. our world should be a source of inspiration we are constantly running errands and looking things up, even if it is only in our mind. that is - as a rule - we never let an idea go unexplored.

2. habitual refocus movement, by habitually reallocating our resources, we create a sustainable taskforce that is capable of managing even the trickiest source of inspiration. in this respect we hold our mind captive by letting it control our energy and relatively external resources.

3. stability in other aspects of life. by maintaining our priorities we understand that our ability to learn is balanced by our ability to take breaks and maintain our mental stamina by making sure other asspects of our life are categorized effectively, and are threfore afforded a rich learning environment in which stability in those non-academic aspects of our lifeon we see ourselves as having three main responsibilities.

1. facilitating growth. it is our job to let our students challenge themselves


our curriculum is